SySCoRe: Synthesis via Stochastic Coupling Relations

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What is SySCoRe and what does it do?

SySCoRe is a MATLAB toolbox for temporal logic control synthesis of discrete-time continuous-state stochastic dynamical systems.

The fully automated implementation starts from a system description and a temporal logic specification and computes a robust controller alongside robust quantified bounds on the probability of satisfying the given property based on space discretization. The tool is based on establishing simulation relations between stochastic processes based on coupling the underlying stochastic distributions.

The developed algorithms compute two precision parameters (ε, δ), which bound the deviations in both the output trajectories (ε) and the transition probabilities (δ) of the models.

Advantages of Using SySCoRe

The main advantage of SySCoRe compared to alternative tools is that the computed error does not grow linearly in time, which makes the tool applicable to infinite horizon properties and unbounded disturbances. The current version of SySCoRe supports nonlinear dynamics, complex co-safe temporal logic specifications over infinite horizons, model-order reduction, arbitrary (possibly unbounded) additive disturbance, and fast tensor computations.

The SymAware framework will use compositional logic, symbolic computations, formal reasoning, and uncertainty quantification to characterise and support situational awareness of MAS in its various dimensions, sustaining awareness by learning in social contexts, quantifying risks based on limited knowledge, and formulating risk-aware negotiation of task distributions. Positions are currently being advertised for this project and details can be found here.

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