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Sadegh Soudjani

Associate Professor

My research aim is to develop an integrated environment for programming, verifying, and designing high-performance and scalable CPSs perceiving and acting in the uncertain physical world. I have developed and shaped my research vision on formal synthesis, abstraction, and verification (over probabilistic temporal specifications) of complex dynamical systems with application in cyber-physical systems (CPSs) particularly involving energy networks and autonomous systems. I have a BSc in Pure Mathematics, a BSc in Electrical Engineering, an MSc in Control Engineering, and a PhD in Systems & Control, all with distinction.

The Team

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Viktorija Bezganovic


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Weijie Dong

Visiting PhD Student

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John Ingham

PhD Student

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Anna Laino

PhD Student

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Odette Mejia


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Mahdi Nazeri

PhD Student on MPI-Oxford program

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Mahmoud Salamati

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Dovydas Stepas Vilkevicius


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Andrew Wright


Past Members

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Akshay Gupta

Now at Newcastle University

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Milad Kazemi

Now a Postdoctoral Researcher at King's College London

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Chenyu Ma

Now PhD Student at Newcastle University

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Isaac Matthews

Now Security Researcher at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Behrad Samari

Now a PhD Student at Newcastle University