Brain Modelling and Control

Satisfaction Probability

Figure 1. Satisfaction Probability

Computation modelling has proven to supplement direct experimental studies in understanding the functions of the healthy and the unhealthy brain, including the mechanisms of epilepsy. Established treatments, with proven benefits, may still have poorly understood mechanisms of action, which we expect would also be illuminated by a modelling approach.

Once we have models with predictive and explanatory power, it should then be possible to inform the design of smarter, closed-loop feedback regimes to improve the efficacy and reduce the potential harms of a treatment. Following the creation of generalised models, a tailored approach to individual patients could be taken, using their imaging and electrophysiological data, we would hope to produce personalised prognostic forecasts for potential treatments, and subsequent faster and more accurate optimisation of treatment parameters.


John Ingham

John Ingham

PhD Student

Sadegh Soudjani

Sadegh Soudjani